Age of Kings: Skyward Battle App Reviews

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Está bien el juego pero a beses la cagan mucho como no dejándonos entrar sin razón


What’s going on?

Haven’t been able to access the game all day. Yesterday was kill event and no one in the kingdom k75 could deploy troops (attacking, farming, killing monsters and dragons). Not sure if this was isolated to our kingdom or whether it affected all kingdoms. Heard another game by the same devs will no longer be around (Blood Tyrant). Is this one the next to go? Hopefully not because apart from the typical game glitches, it is a decent game.

Worst game ever

To start this game doesn’t get a star rating in my book. When I first started this game back in 2016 with some coworkers of mine the game was fun and enjoyable. Players had nothing to worry about really besides shielding from invaders on kill events. I quit over 6 months ago due to players that cheated and bot accounts; even though the developers said there was no cheating or bot accounts in the game. Every other week there was an epic castle that would come to our kingdom and wipe out everyone who wasn’t shielded outside of a kingdom kill event, which is clearing crap in my book. I started back up on this game less than a few weeks ago and there has been three new updates and one was to add a new hero called Sphinx which the hero takes your troops for good. So not only do you loss resources you now loss troops and that’s all the epic players do and wipe out everyone take the resources and troops and gain a great amount of power in a short amount of time. The developers do nothing about this and they say “we’ve made the game for everyone in fair play and there’s no cheating or bot accounts in the game.” This is a lie and they allow this to happen so they can keep filling their pockets with cash and not listen to the players because they only want to listen to the cash roll in. No matter what actual players say or do they will keep getting robbed and it forces them to quit because of people that don’t care about the players, but only their self gain so I hope other people read this and not download this game because of crappy customer service, developers and down right unfair game play.

Unfair and horrible customer service

I’ve played this game a few months now and have had several problems. When addressed with customer service. No resolution is made to the customer. This last problem is why I am writing a review. The game offers rewards. Then when you spend many of your resources and gold to receive the rewards. Only to find the rewards have been changed. Back and forth with customer service for a couple of weeks and they still blame the customer. Additional problems: unfair to iOS users. All updates are a week behind for iOS users. Which leads you at an unfair disadvantage. One item can take all your troops and resources that they make readily available for heavy spenders. Translation algorithm is very poor. Game crashes and lags with certain events. And troop can disappear from randomly.

Bueno pero puede mejorar

Este juego es adictivo. Tiene muchas formas de crecer sin comprar tanto. Aunque es mas lento. Pero puede mejorar. Una de las formas es que expliquen los eventos o cambios que hagan. Pueden crear un Blog donde cada ves que ponen algo nuevo lo notifiquen y así sabemos todos. Ademas de poder obtener heroes de forma mas simple ya que complican mucho eso y hablando de heroes. Busquen una forma de que sepamos las habilidades y a que posición pertenece estos heroes ya que para saber hay que buscar mucho y eso hace que perdamos el tiempo. IMPORTANTE los Moderadores nunca pero nunca contestan los mensajes que les escribimos. Aun no conozco a alguien a quien le contestaran. Deben vigilar el sentir de todos los jugadores ya que gracias a nosotros ustedes siguen aquí.

Good game

Could you please make this app in portrait mode ty


Definitely not what I expected packs are waay too expensive there’s no starter packs that’s kinda sad and I won’t recommend this game to my friends there’s better ones out there sorry

It’s fun, but repetitive

It’s fun, played on several servers. It’d be more motivating if you didn’t have to spend funds to move up faster. Seems like the smaller you are the more difficult it is, to wanna play. Some ppl can’t afford to spend tons of money on this type of game format. People are interesting, but the game is difficult to enjoy at times. It’s be nice if you were rewarded more often. Without having to be motivated to spend money to get rewards.

Worst customer service

Purchasing flaws and they hack your device.. look at you analytics and you will see do not ever use your credit card on this game and also if you start buying cards Apple will eventually shut you out. I’m done with this game and Apple.. don’t spend money it is a trap..

Could be better

It’s a nice game and I would really be happy playing it IF I could switch between my two accounts without having to uninstall and reinstall EVERY TIME I WANT TO SWITCH!!! Fix this and I’ll give you a better railing.

Mom s alliance

Really cool setup I wish I had saved up enough good to teleport to my Mom s alliance though !


Do not waist your time on this game. All the developers care about is you spending your money on the game.


This is a very hard game to understand and follow guess I should read the directions.


I love this game just takes alil long to grow other than that amazing!

Packs not being sent after purchasing

I'm being robbed after buying fearless plate armor and the boots, but never received these items. They won't answer my inquiries or nothing...very lame way to run a Business, I'm very disappointed in Heavenly Games...🤦‍♂️😐😤

Stole my account/castle

I have put over a years work and a decent, I mean decent amount of $$ into my castle. As of 9 days ago, in the middle of a teleport during a KVK event, I no longer have access to my castle. I have messaged customer service daily with little or no response, let alone any answers about why. I just get that it's been handed to the relevant department. Blah blah blah. This game has robbed me of a decent chunk of money and time. If I do get my castle back, I will give it a better review, but until then, save your money and don't waste your time. It's sad because it's actually a fun game. They just don't seem to care to help you solve THEIR game problems.

Looks pretty good so far

Like the graphics. Love the social interaction and chats. Make friends and grow. Pretty cool so far. Thanks

Better then before!

I play this game about 5 months ago, came back to play and The features are better than before!

Battle of the ages

Pretty interesting game, nice graphics, easy to start out

Cyber bullying Forum

Game was fun until the bullying began. Lots of degrading, name calling, and persecution...deleted on both my devices and won't play again

Cool game!!

This is a cool game! It takes some getting used to in order to play it, but overall...pretty great game! (I still like clash of clans tho🤓)


So far love this game :)

A little confusing to start with but enjoying it

When I first got on it was a bit confusing and I didn't know what buildings to put where because some are recommended but you can't place there. I'm getting into it though. It really is fun.


It's fun

Greedy Game Designers

These guys are in a league of their own. Greedy, uncaring and anti-customer. They manufacture reasons to kill off your troops. Force you to buy gold to protect your hard work, or lose all of your progress. Then, they try to sell you healing resources to regain what they just took from you. The game is completely lopsided and just not fun. Only company who will argue with the customer, even when the customer has provided proof. These guys, and this game, should stay in China. American players beware. They are out to scam you out of your money.

Anti shield BS

You added a item in game that makes the strong unstoppable now, our only defense from massive players was shields so you give them shield breakers???? You lost a paying player cause there's no way I'll support a game that's so wreck less to their players

Please fix soon.

Please give us a new male and female avatar, I'd really like to have a new one, ones we have are very old.



Age of kings+or-~

New to game seems like a lot of fun stuff but also a lot to try and navigate through to figure everything out.Hopeful😃


nice game

So far I love it!

I just started playing but it seems really awesome and the graphics are great. I look for games where I can power up easy and you start out training like 350 troops at a time. That's awesome!



Age of kings

This game is very confusing but once you understand it it's a ok game


Good graphics


I have not been entirely satisfied with this game

Love it

Good graphics

Good game

Good game so far.

It's great

Really good game definitely get it very addictive

Good game play

Very good game progression.

Best game

Love it 👍🏼🙏

Have to fix the chat keeps erasing

We always check the alliance chat to see the news or other important news about our alliance but the chat it's broken fix it

Idk if anyone has this problem

The app ends up bugging out and makes me go back to the home screen, It gets really annoying everything I try to do something

Still buggy

It's a little buggy


Seems like the game is a cross breed of War and Order and INVASION mobile app games. It's really not a bad game play but AoK needs to be more streamlined and focused. Instead of so many HEROES, how about just 5 heroes, grouped according to the research cores of the COLLEGE?


To many bugs, freezes up. Chat doesn't keep up. And right now, the entire game is down again.

Phone + free time = age of kings

I love games like A.O.K. I love this game because of the graphics, there's dragons, a lot to the game, and a lot to unlock 😁😁 and I hope u make more games like this


Not for me. Flying boats....really?!



A lot of fun

Great game interesting concept


The best game i ever played

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